Bushfires are an essential element of the Australian environment.

Southern Australia is one of the most bushfire disaster-prone areas in the world, due the combination of extreme fire weather in summer (high temperatures, low humidity, strong winds), mountainous terrain, and rapid plant growth in winter and spring.

Managing fire in our environment is a complex challenge of ecological, economic, social and political dimensions.

The Bushfire Behaviour and Management group seeks to:

  • Understand fire behaviour in Australian landscapes;
  • Understand the impacts of fires on key assets;
  • Develop practical tools for fire prediction;
  • Understand the factors that affect fire regimes, including human interventions;
  • Support the development of practical fire risk management strategies;
  • Develop science to support the optimal use of prescribed burning;
  • Understand the accumulation of fuel over time; and
  • Quantify key aspects of fire to support environmental analysis, such as flame height, fire severity and smoke production.

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