Asset impact workshop

Knowing how fires impact different asset types is key to understanding bushfire risk in a landscape.  Unfortunately, there is limited hard data available to quantify this risk across multiple asset types.

In late November the whole team travelled to Sydney for an expert elicitation workshop with members of the Rural Fire Service, University of Wollongong and CSIRO. The workshop aimed to use expert opinion to quantify the likely impact of bushfire on key assets (e.g. roads, industry, farms, schools). We spent the day working in small groups to harness the experiences of the workshop participants.

The results will be used to better quantify potential asset loss in bushfire models such as Phoenix RapidFire.

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Flammability Experiment

This month one of our Masters students, Shyam, has been undertaking flammability experiments in the lab as a part of a Masters of Forest Science research project. This work will determine if there are intrinsic differences in flammability between leaf litter from contrasting eucalypt forests and quantify the importance of fuel moisture to flammability for these different litter types.

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